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Formaldehyde Colorimetric SafeAir Badge, pk/50

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The formaldehyde colorimetric SafeAir badge is a monitoring system designed to indicate the presence of formaldehyde at concentrations below the permissible exposure limit. The SafeAir formaldehyde badge detects the presence of formaldehyde by forming a color change in the shape of an exclamation mark inside the triangle. This indication is produced by a color-forming reaction which occurs when formaldehyde reacts with a flat indicator layer.

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a pungent, suffocating odor. It is a potent irritant to eyes, nose and throat. The most common effects of low level formaldehyde inhalation are eye, nose and upper respiratory irritation. Chronic symptoms of exposure are itching eyes, dry and sore throat, and possible difficulty in sleeping and unusual thirst after awakening. OSHA PEL (permissible exposure limit) for formaldehyde is 0.75 ppm (TWA). NIOSH REL(recommended exposure limit) is 0.016 ppm (TWA). NIOSH also recommends that formaldehyde be handled as a potential occupational carcinogen in the workplace.

Formaldehyde workplace exposure occurs because of its extensive use as an industrial chemical in the manufacturing of resins for adhesives, plastics, coatings and fabrics. Additional exposure to formaldehyde emissions comes from its use as a fumigant and sterilant. The major source of atmospheric discharge of formaldehyde is from combustion processes, specifically from the photo-oxidation of hydrocarbons in auto emissions.

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