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Ammonia Quick Check Vials, pk/12

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Replacement Ammonia Vials for the GENie Gas Generator or the QC-50 Calibration Gas QuickCheck System.

With user adjustable outputs, the GENie Ammonia Gas Generator can be set to a wide range of outputs allowing for calibration of nearly any ammonia gas detector on the market. By utilizing a sealed glass ampule that is broken for use, The GENie QC-1 is the perfect tool for anyone calibrating fixed or portable ammonia sensors.

The GENie QC-1 is compact and rugged allowing for use in the harshest environments. The easy to read LED display along with the instruments ergonomic design and nylon carrying case makes calibration with this instrument a pleasure.

Once each ammonia vial has been broken for use, the GENie QC-1 will provide up to eight hours of continuous calibration gas before the vial is discarded making the GENie QC-1 extremely cost effective.


  • 96 hours of source gas included
  • Disposable gas vial have no shelf life
  • The most accurate source of ammonia calibration gas on the market
  • Integrated microprocessor controlled feedback
  • Non-hazardous transport
  • Simple to use, NIST traceable


20 -1,000 ppm, adjustable
Air Flow Rate
Warm Up Time About 5 minutes
± 10%
Operating Temperature
0 to 50°C
Relative Humidity
Battery Power
4 Alkaline AA cells
Battery Life at 0.5 LPM
5 hours
5″ x 3.88″ x 3.13″
Weight .5 pounds
Source Life 8 hours per vial


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Weight .5 lbs

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