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Colorimetric Labs now from SKC

SKC is a well-known and respected leader in industrial hygiene and occupational safety. They have produced and marketed some of the very first air sample pumps and collection media when the industry first took shape in the 1970s. Since then, SKC has continued to lead the industry forward by offering innovative technologies as well as advanced scientific knowledge and expertise to both customers and the marketplace in general. SKC has also continued to lead with a high level of integrity, a focus on continuous improvement, and a sincere dedication to the safety and well-being of people. SKC is about the power of science in the service of people—that people, their safety, their quality of life and their productivity, is the real driving force behind every decision and action they makes. This translates into air sampling solutions and expertise that help you keep workers healthy and safe every day. They are excited to add CLI products to our highly respected, longstanding sampling solutions that help you maintain the health and safety of workers and look forward to continuing to provide the same great CLI products with excellent customer and technical support.