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Universal VOC Organic Zeroing Filter

AFC International’s VOC Organic Vapor Zeroing filter provides over 10 times the life capacity compared to competitor filters and can be used with any PID or pumped gas detector.

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AFC International’s Universal VOC Organic Vapor Zeroing Filter attaches to the sample inlet of your photo ionization detector (PID), multi-gas detector or automatic calibration system to filter out background trace levels of organics and other chemicals in the air when zeroing instruments. When looking for small trace levels of target gas/vapor or to minimize sensor drift due to other contaminates in the air it is important to zero the instrument’s baseline with the AFC-OVF.

The reusable AFC-OVF yields over ten to twenty times the filtering capacity of other commonly used granular charcoal filters and at a fantastic price. This filter uses activated charcoal and because of it’s unique design, maximizes the filtering surface area with very minimal back pressure or flow restrictions. This makes it a perfect match for any instrument with a sample pump such as the MiniRae 3000+, ppgRae 3000+, UltraRae 3000+, MultiRae Pro, AreaRae Pro from Honeywell/Rae Systems, the NEO PID and POLI from mPower or the Tiger series of PIDs from Ion Scientific. The AFC-OVF will work with any and all portable sample draw instruments, IR analyzers, as well as fixed point photoionization detectors like Honeywell’s RaeGuard II, Ion Scientific’s Falco or mPower’s VOX VOC detector.

The AFC-OVF is designed to filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but will also filter other chemicals that could interfere with readings like chlorine, chlorinated solvents(TCE, PCE), vinyl chloride, methylene chloride, MTBE and many others. This makes it a good fit for zeroing multigas sensor electrochemical instruments, however with some restrictions. Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen will not be filtered, but organic compounds that interfere with CO sensors will be filtered out. This makes the AFC-OVF an effective confidence check device when in the field looking for specifically Carbon Monoxide when in areas with organics like gasoline. The AFC-OVF can be used as a confidence check while in detection mode, in the same manor for PIDs. Placing the filter inline while sampling will drop the readings to zero, unless the instrument is drifting due to humidity or other causes.

The AFC-OVF works with most automatic calibration/bump test stations. Just simply connect and leave connected to the fresh air inlet port of the station to ensure organic contaminates are filtered out during the zeroing process. The filtering capacity of the AFC-OVF will allow or months of use before replacing.

The filter is available in 2″, 4″ and 10″ lengths. AFC International’s Zeroing Filter provides over 10 to 20 times the life capacity compared to competitor filters and can be used with any PID or pumped gas detector.

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Weight N/A


Material Coconut shell carbon, better than OLC 12×30 mesh
Filtered Chemicals OVC, TOC, TCe, PCE and other chlorinated hydrocarbons, vinyl chloride, methylene chloride, MTBE
Filter Efficiency Filters most chemicals/VOCs below 1-2 ppb
Connectors Includes luer lock fittings with 1/8″ hose barb and one male to male luer fitting
Maximum Pressure 30 psi
Expected Life Better than 3 months, depends on the amount of chemical in the air
Filtering Time Suggested 30 to 60 seconds, standard
Compatibility Any sample draw instrument, calibration, bump test station (May require additional tubing adapters)
Size 2″, 4″ or 10″ x 1″ diameter
Storage Tube Included




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