Smoke Tubes from Honeywell/Rae


Smoke generation tubes from Honeywell are designed for use in respirator fit tests or for visualizing air currents. These tubes made of the stannic chloride required by OSHA for irritant smoke fit test procedures. Users include hygienists for chemical plants, confined space entry, fire departments, paint sprayers, and sand blasters. Sealing the tube with rubber caps between applications means you can reuse the tubes until spent.

These tubes can also be used for visualizing air currents, such as tracking air flows in mines, testing the performance of fume hoods, and detecting leaks from air ducts. Knowledge of air flow patterns is also useful for indoor air quality testing to establish optimum sampling points. Industries include mining, chemical plants for pipeline leak detection, and installers of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Smoke tubes are operated by simply breaking open each end and inserting into a rubber squeeze bulb or other pump. Air pushed through the tube releases the stannic chloride, which decomposes on contact with moisture in the air to form a smoke. The tubes can be re-used until no more smoke is evolved. Rubber caps are provided to seal the tubes between uses.


  • Humidity Range: 10 – 95% RH. The smoke generating life increases about 10% at 20% RH and decreases about 10% at 80% RH (incoming air humidity)
  • Temperature Range: 0 – 40°C (32 – 104°F). As temperature decreases the smoke lasts longer and is less intense

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Smoke Tube Kit includes aspirator bulb, box of tubes and leather case
Replacement Smoke Tube, 6 per box


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