ProRae Guardian CloudServer

ProRae Guardian CloudServer has been discontinued. Please contact AFC for other options.

For pricing, please call 1-800-952-3293 or email


ProRae Guardian CloudServer has been discontinued, please contact AFC for other options.

ProRae Guardian CloudServer service simplifies sharing of instrument data with multiple remote sites in real time and empowers decision makers with critical information in emergency response situations. The Rae Systems ProRae Guardian CloudServer also enables geographically dispersed teams to coordinate their responses while simultaneously viewing the same situational data, all in real time. The service aggregates instrument data from multiple installations in real time and makes it available for viewing anywhere in the world with no extra hardware or maintenance costs. The service is professionally hosted and maintained by Rae Systems by Honeywell in a fail safe environment with high availability, which ensures uninterrupted service 24/7. It also takes away the setup and configuration tasks from end users and allows them to focus on their core jobs. ProRae Guardian CloudServer is a subscription based service that offers multiple year terms with increasing levels of discounts.


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