Parat 7500 Fire & Industrial Escape Hood


This item is no longer available from AFC International, please contact us for suitable replacements.

Airborne toxins present an immediate danger to the health of a workforce. When environments turn toxic, a fast safe escape is crucial. The Draeger Parat 7500 Escape Hood is designed to be easily donned, protecting users from toxic industrial and fire related gases, vapors and particles during escape. The Parat 7500 full face respirator with EN combination fire and multigas filter is ideal for escape from both ire and toxic industrial gases, vapors and particulates. The Parat 7500 is ready for escape in only 3 steps:

  1. Open the case – seal is broken, filter plugs release and canister deploys automatically
  2. Put on the hood – internal head harness and elastic neck strap adjusts the hood to fit automatically
  3. Escape

By replacing the filter after 8 years, you will extend the service life of the Parat 7500 to 16 years in total, which greatly reduces cost of ownership and long term maintenance costs.


  • Clearly visible hood, full face respirator
  • Internal head harness that automatically adjusts, no additional tightening required
  • High performance filter, the filter expiration date is clearly marked and is automatically released from the packaging when opened
  • The exhalation valve directly leads the exhaled air out of the mask
  • Hood provides both respiratory and eye protection
  • Wide field of vision due to a specially formed visor, which provides continuously clear view due to a special anti-fog coating
Test Gas
Test Gas Concentration (ppm)
Minimum Exposure Time
Carbon Monoxide
Acrolein 100 15
Hydrogen Chloride 1,000 15
Hydrogen Cyanide 2,500 15
Hydrogen Sulfide 2,500 15
Cylcohexane 2,500 15
Chlorine 2,500 15
Sulfur Dioxide 2,500 15
Ammonia 2,500 15

Testing performed at 30 LPM, 70% relative humidity, 20°C test with an artificial lung.


Filter Performance ABEK CO PC combination filter against toxic gases, vapors, particles and fire related gases
Period of Use At least 15 minutes
Total Service Life 16 years provided filter is exchanged after 8 years
Approvals EN 403:2004 and DIN 58647-7, filter additionally tested in accordance with EN 14387:2004


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