Parat 4920 Industrial Escape Hood from Draeger

The Draeger Parat 4920 industrial escape hood is designed to be easily donned, protecting users from toxic industrial and fire related gases, vapors and particles during escape. The Parat 4920 with NIOSH filter is ideal for escape from a wide range of toxic industrial gases, vapors and particulates. The Parat 4900 is ready for escape in only 3 steps:

  1. Open the case – seal is broken, filter plugs release and canister deploys automatically
  2. Put on the hood – internal head harness and elastic neck strap adjusts the hood to fit automatically
  3. Escape

By replacing the filter after 8 years, you will extend the service life of the Parat 4900 to 16 years in total, which greatly reduces cost of ownership and long term maintenance costs.


  • Clearly visible hood
  • Internal head harness that automatically adjusts, no additional tightening required
  • High performance filter, the filter expiration date is clearly marked and is automatically released from the packaging when opened
  • The exhalation valve directly leads the exhaled air out of the mask
  • Hood provides both respiratory and eye protection
  • Wide field of vision due to a specially formed visor, which provides continuously clear view due to a special anti-fog coating
Test Gas
Test Gas Concentration (ppm)
Minimum Exposure Time
Ammonia 1,000 25
Chlorine 500 17.5
Chlorine Dioxide 500 30
Hydrogen Chloride 500 25
Hydrogen Fluoride 70 30
Hydrogen Sulfide 1,000 30
Methylamine 1,000 12.5
Organic Vapor Test 1,000 25
Sulfur Dioxide Test 500 15
HCHO/Formaldehyde 100 40
HCN/Hydrogen Cyanide 500 50
Hg/Mercury Vapors 21.5 mg x m3 60


Filter Performance NIOSH Multirgas/R95 combination filter for toxic industrial gases, vapors & particles
Period of Use At least 15 minutes
Total Service Life 8 years
Approvals NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84

Ordering Information

For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email

Catalog No.
Parat 4920 Soft Pack Industrial Escape Hood R59423
Parat Training Hood R59410
Wall Holder for Hard Case R59451
Fabric Waist Belt 6733934
Plastic Waist Belt R53026
Shoulder Strap R59461
Belt Clip R59456
Grip Clip, R58742 required R59455
Adapter Plate for Soft Pack R58742
D-Ring for Hard Case, R58742 required R59457

Please Note: Do not remove the Parat 4920 hood from its protective package unless it is to be used in an emergency. The filter seal must remain intact until intended for use so that the Parat 4920 will offer the fullest protection. It is important that the user read the instructions for use booklet included before use. The Parat 4920 is not intended for use in atmospheres with less than 19.5% oxygen.


Parat 4920 Escape Respirator literature

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