Microwave Oven Leak Detector



Our Microwave Oven Leak Detector detects leaks on microwave oven door seals which may wear out with use. This meter is calibrated at 2.45 GHZ, the precise frequency of microwave ovens to accurately measure the intensity of such microwave leakage. Features include maximum and minimum hold, an audible alarm and a zero adjustment to eliminate background EMF. The display also indicates overload and low battery. Each unit includes a soft carrying case and stand 9V battery, which provides approximately 100 hours of use.


3¾ digits, maximum reading 3,999
RF Power Density 0.003-2.700 mW/cm2
RF Frequency 50 MHz – 3.5 GHz
Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz
Resolution 0.001 mW/cm2
±2 dB @ 2.45 GHz ±50 MHz
Axis Single
Alarm @ Readings > 1 mW/cm2
Operating Temperature 41ºF – 104ºF
Operating RH < 80%
Weight 6 ounces
Size 5 ¼” x 2 ¼” x 1 ¼”

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Microwave Oven Leak Detector

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