Mesh Router for MeshGuard Detectors


The Mesh Router allows wireless sensor networks to be deployed at greater distances from a central controller. MeshGuard monitors and Routers work together to find the best possible transmission path for the sensor readings. The Mesh Router display the real time wireless signal strength at any given location, which enables rapid determination of suitable locations for MeshGuard Monitors.

The Mesh Router is a Class I Division 1 (Zone 0) portable wireless device that has two primary functions:

  1. To extend the wireless transmission range between points
  2. As a system deployment tool. Prior to deploying detectors, the Mesh router can provide real time signal strength at any given location.

The Router can operate continuously for 10+ days with an internal battery of 45+ days with an external PowerPak.

The EchoView Host is a mini-controller for monitoring MeshGuard networks. The EchoView is a portable, intrinsically safe (Class 1, Division 1 and Zone 0) alarm notification device that allows you to monitor your MeshGuard sensor network remotely. It displays the sensor readings of up to 16 MeshGuard monitors on a wireless network and retrieves all monitor information that is typically viewed on the system controller. This allows EchoView users to be complete mobile and away from the controller, yet still be notified of any alarm conditions within the system.

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Catalog No.
Mesh Router, 2.4 GHz
FMC 2000
EchoView Host, FMC-400, 865.6MHz & 866.4MHz, CSA/ATEX/IECEX, Without Battery, Standard Kit


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