Light Meter with SD Card Datalogger

Use this Light Meter with SD Card to measure damaging UV (ultraviolet) light in the environment or museums. UV light intensity appears on the large backlit display in either µW or mW/cm2 while the small lower display simultaneously shows minimum, maximum, average and recorded data. Up to 20 data points can be recorded automatically at a variety of intervals. Each meter features zero point reset, hold, and indicates when the battery is low. This meter comes in a protective, hard, foam-lined carrying case, complete with a UV probe, tripod screw, magnetic mount and a 9V battery. Model 850010 measures short wave UV-C light for applications such as UV light fume hoods, UV sterilization, industrial glass and non-destructive testing. Model 850009 measures long and medium wave UV-A/V for applications such as forensics, chromatography, electrophoresis and dermatology. NIST traceable certificate of calibration is available. 5½” x 2″ x 1½”, 8.7 ounces.


Wavelength 850009: 280 – 400 nm
850010: 220 – 275 nm
Calibration Point 850009: 365 nm
850010: 254 nm
UV Range 1 µW/cm2 – 40 mW/cm2
Resolution 1 µW and 0.01 mW/cm2
Accuracy ±4% ±1 digit (@23 ±5°C)

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Catalog No.
UV Light Meter UVA/B
UV Light Meter UVA/B, NIST Certified
UV Light Meter UVC 850010
UV Light Meter UVC, NIST Certified 850010C
Water Resistant Instrument Pouch 840090
Field Tripod 840093

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