Elipse P100/Nuisance Odor Replacement Filter, pair


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Elipse P100/Nuisance Odor Replacement Filter removes low-level odors and gases and particulates. Use for waterborne paints, bacteria, spores, hard soldering and much more. 99.97% effective. Includes two filters. NIOSH approved.

Use with the Elipse half mask respirator for effectiveness against: woodcutting, lubricant sprays, bacteria/spores/odors, meat and dairy/pet food/fermentation, pollen, flours, mold/spores.


  • NIOSH # TC-84A-6950
  • Elipse P100 respirators meet the requirements of 42CFR84
  • Sold in a set of 2

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Elipse Nuisance Odor Filter
Elipse P100/Nuisance Odor Replacement Filter, pair