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Dual Channel Portable Bump Test Station for all Gas Detectors


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The AFC International Dual Channel Portable Bump Test Station is an easy to use device for the verification of sensor response of your multi gas or personal gas detectors. The Bump Test Station is universal and can be used with any gas detector on the market. This simple bump test can be performed in less than 60 seconds and will give you the piece of mind that your instrument is responding to gas properly, prior to entering a confined space or dangerous gas area in a plant or out in the field

OSHA recommends that “gas detectors used for confined space entry must be tested with gas prior to use…” The Portable Bump Test Station meets this requirement and can be modified to work with any make or model instrument on the market that has an internal or attachable sample pump. The flow meter on the front of the unit verifies that the instrument’s sample pump is working properly and in about 30 seconds all alarms on the instrument should e activated. If they are not, the instrument should not used and sent in for service.

We recommend that you use a gas concentration high enough to insure that all gas sensor alarms will be activated within 30 to 60 seconds.

The Portable Bump Test Station is a perfect compliment to any company’s calibration or maintenance schedule and can be customized to fit your gas detection program.The AFC International Bump Test Station is not intended to and/or should not be used to replace periodic instrument manufacturer’s recommended gas calibration interval! It is simply a test that can fill in the gaps between calibrations.

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Enclosure Mil-Standard, ultra high strength, polypropylene co-polymer, gasket sealed, water and dust tight, resistant to corrosion and impact damage
Dual Flow Meters 0.2-1.2 LPM
Dual Demand Flow Regulators Male Threads, 1,000 psig cylinder maximum pressure, aluminum with stainless steel internal components
Test Time 30 to 60 seconds standard
Compatibility Any sample draw instrument, may require instrument manufacturer’s calibration adapter
Cylinder Size 116, 103, 100, 58 or 34L cylinders standard
Number of Tests @ 30 seconds 224 test per 58L cylinder at 30 seconds, 0.5 LPM
464 tests per 116L cylinder at 30 seconds, 0.5 LPM
Storage Compartments 4 customizable compartments with Velcro retention straps located in the lid, one empty plastic multi parts box included
Size 22″ x 14″ x 9″


Dual Channel Portable Bump Test Station Datasheet

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