Draeger Saver CF N EEBA


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The Saver CF N constant flow emergency escape breathing apparatus (EEBA) allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments. Simple to don and easy to operate, this hood based, positive pressure breathing device can be used with minimal training. The Draeger Saver CF N is highly visible and was designed to be suitable even for people with spectacles or facial hair. When opened, the Draeger Saver is automatically activated and begins feeding a continuous supply of breathing air. The Saver gives the wearer the precious additional time needed to exit the area safely.

Packaged in an integrated soft bag, the Saver can be easily wall mounted in strategic locations in potentially hazardous areas. The bright orange bags feature reflective panels for enhanced visibility even under low lighting conditions. The Saver is compact and lightweight and can be worn either as a chest bag or over the shoulder. Made from highly resistant materials, it is washable, flame retardant and allows water to drain freely.

The Draeger Save utilizes a simple, fail safe reducer system with excellent flow characteristics, providing a consistent rate of air flow until the cylinder is completely empty. It can be equipped with cylinder which can hold either a 5, 10 or 15 minute supply of air. The flame retardant hood incorporates a large visor for maximum peripheral vision.

The Draeger Saver requires very little service or maintenance. A transparent window on the soft bag lets you check the cylinder pressure gauge without unpacking the unit. The cylinder can be refilled without the need to remove it from the bag.

The Draeger Saver CF N EEBA complies with NIOSH, ABS and TC approvals. It can be used in a range of applications both on and off shore to protect the user against any unexpected change in environment. Chemical, oil & gas, shipping steel and pharmaceutical industries can all rely on the Saver CF N for safe and uncomplicated escape.


Cylinder Charging Pressure 3,000 psi
Airflow to the Hood 35-37 LPM
Operating Temperature -15°C to 60°C
Size 5 Minute: 240 x 180 x 320mm
10 Minute: 240 x 180 x 440mm
15 Minute: 240 x 190 x 420mm
Weight 5 Minute: 3.98 kg
10 Minute: 5.12 kg
15 Minute: 5.45 kg
Approvals NIOSH, ABS, TC


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