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This Anemometer/Thermometer is perfect for use in HVAC, environmental studies, hazardous spill clean ups, electrostatic precipitators and all types of air flow measurements. Based on the principle that a freely turning turbine will rotate at a speed directly proportional to the wind speed. This unit has a one piece construction with built in probe. The user can select readout in any of 5 scales; meters/second (0.4 – 30), feet per minute (80 – 5900), miles per hour (0.9 – 68), knots (0.8 – 58) or kilometers per hour (1.4 – 108). The unit simultaneously displays temperature in °C or °F. Advanced features include a RS232 output, continuous moving average, max-min-avg, auto power off and hold functions. Comes complete ready to use in a hard carrying case with one 9V battery. 7″ x 2 1/2″ x 1 3/4″, 7 ounces

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