2″ Universal VOC Organic Zeroing Filter, pk/2


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AFC International’s Universal 2″ VOC Organic Vapor Zeroing Filter attaches to the sample inlet of your photo ionization detector (PID), multi-gas detector or automatic calibration system to remove background volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This will allow the instrument to reference a true zero in areas that contain background VOCs. The charcoal filter can also be used to remove VOCs in the air when monitoring for gases that have cross sensitivities to VOCs, such as carbon monoxide.

This VOC Organic Vapor Zeroing filter provides over 10 times the life capacity compared to competitor filters and can be used with any PID or pumped gas detector.

The 2″ filter has a 12 month shelf life and includes a plastic sleeve for storage. Available in a pack of 2 filters.


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2" VOC Filter
2″ Universal VOC Organic Zeroing Filter, pk/2