Purelite XStream PAP Visor System



The Purelite XStream PAP is a self contained lightweight powered air purifying visor system providing all in one protection against dust, fumes and particulates, combined with eye and face protection against impact and liquid splashes. The Xstream is not approved by NIOSH under 42 CFR part 84. The Purelite XStream is powered by an integrated rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack which delivers a supply of clean air via a pair of particulate filters for up to 8 hours of continuous use.

There is no need for separate eye, face and head protection* – the Purelite XStream provides these safety requirements in one easily donned unit, combining comfort and economy.


  • Eye Protection: ANSI Z87.1 – 2003, basic (low energy) impact personal eye and face protection
  • Low noise motor provides initial rate airflow of 7.4 CFM (5.3) CFM minimum at end of battery life). Low battery audible alarm.
  • Lightweight only 2.2 pounds with easily adjusted headband to fit a range of head sizes ad for wear over protective clothing and hoods.
  • Polycarbonate faceshield with nylon elasticated faceseal – tinted and clear overlays are available for the faceshield.
  • On-off switch easily operated with gloved hand.
  • Pair of particulate filters not approved by NIOSH.
  • Air flow indicator pre checks battery and filter performance and condition.


  • Woodworking & pottery
  • Craft design & technology
  • DIY and building maintenance
  • Food preparation & processing
  • Fitting and application of insulation
  • Dental laboratories
  • Horticulture
  • Pest control

*Not an approved NIOSH respirator

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For pricing, please call AFC International at 1-800-952-3293, 219-987-6825 or fax 219-987-6826 or email sales@afcintl.com.

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Purelite Xstream Powered Airshield
Battery Charger Cradle


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Interactive Safety was acquired by Gentex Corp.

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