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NIST Certified Bluetooth Light Meter includes tripod screw and battery

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This new Bluetooth Light Meter is small, lightweight and simple to use with results displayed on the meter’s large 1.5″ backlit display. You can choose readings in LUX or foot candles. It features a bar graph display, minimum and maximum hold (peak) and data hold functions. The meter offers the convenience of Bluetooth for wireless communication. Free iOS and Android apps record every data point with time and overall Min/Max/Average  points. The results can also be remotely viewed on your smartphone in real time, save and exported. This enables the meter to be used as a remote wireless probe and as a datalogger. Each unit includes instructions, tripod screw, and battery. NIST traceable certificate of calibration included. 8″ x 2″ x 1.5″, 6 ounces


400 LUX 0.1
±5% of reading, ±10 digits
4000 LUX 1  ±5% of reading, ±10 digits (< 2500 LUX)
±10% of reading, ±10 digits (> 2500 LUX)
40.00 K LUX
10 LUX (0.01 K LUX)
±10% of reading, ±10 digits
40 Foot Candle
±5% of reading, ±10 digits
400 Foot Candle 0.1  ±5% of reading, ±10 digits
±10% of reading, ±10 digits
4000 Foot Candle 1 ±10% of reading, ±10 digits (> 2500 LUX)


Bluetooth Light Meter Datasheet

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Weight 2 lbs


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