Nextteq Gastec Short Term Detector Tubes: N

Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you can count on Nextteq’s complete line of Gastec Detector Tubes to precisely measure gases and vapors for over 600 applications. A tube should be selected to detect each suspected chemical. Simply locate the contaminant listed alphabetically in the table below. Select the Nextteq Tube listed according to the chemical hazard to be tested and the measuring range. Order the tube by the part number that appears to the right.

Ordering Information

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Gases & Vapors
Nextteq Tube
Measuring Range
Catalog No.
Naphthalene Phenol 0.5-14 ppm 60
Nitric Acid Nitric Acid 0.1-40 ppm 15L
Acid Gases 5-100 ppm 52
Nitric Oxide NO + NO2 SEI 2.5-200 ppm 10
Nitro Compounds Nitro Compounds 0.5-30 ppm 52
Nitroethane Nitro Compounds 4-240 ppm 52
Nitrogen Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide SEI 0.5-125 ppm 9L
NO + NO2 2.5-200 10
Nitro Compounds 0.5-30 ppm 52
Acid Gases 0.1-80 ppm 52
Nitrogen Oxides Nitrogen Oxides 50-2,500 ppm 11HA
Nitrogen Oxides 5-625 ppm 11S
NO + NO2 2.5-200 ppm 10
Nitrogen Oxides 0.04-16.5 ppm 11L
Nitromethane Nitro Compounds 5-300 ppm 52
1-Nitropropane Nitro Compounds 4.2-252 ppm 52
Nitro Compounds 3.7-222 ppm 52
Nonane Hydrocarbons (Higher Class) 130-3,900 ppm 105


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