Nextteq Gastec Short Term Detector Tubes: M

Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you can count on Nextteq’s complete line of Gastec Detector Tubes to precisely measure gases and vapors for over 600 applications.

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Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you can count on Nextteq’s complete line of Nexxteq Detector Tubes to precisely measure gases and vapors for over 600 applications. A tube should be selected to detect each suspected chemical. Simply locate the contaminant listed alphabetically in the table below. Select the Nextteq Tube listed according to the chemical hazard to be tested and the measuring range. Order the tube by the part number that appears to the right.

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Gases & Vapors
Gastec Tube
Measuring Range
Catalog No.
Maleic Anhydride Acetic Acid 0.8-20 ppm 81
Mercaptans Mercaptans 0.5-120 ppm 70
Mercaptans 0.1-8 ppm 70L
2-Mercaptoethanol tert-Butyl Mercaptan 0.5-7.5 ppm 75L
Mercury Vapor Mercury Vapor 0.05-13.2 mg/m3 40
Mesityl Oxide Ethyl Acetate 33.8-1,080 ppm 141L
Methacrylic Acid Acetic Acid 1.8-45 ppm 81
Acetic Acid 0.35-14 ppm 81L
Methylacrylonitrile Methacrylonitrile 0.2-32 ppm 192
Methaldehyde Formaldehyde 0.065-3.25 ppm 91L
Methanol Methanol 0.003-4.5% 111
Methanol 20-1,000 ppm 111L
Methanol 2-56 ppm 111LL
2-Methyoxyethyl Acetate Isopropyl Alcohol 50-700 ppm 113L
Methyl Acrylate Ethyl Acetate 20-400 ppm 141L
2-Methyl Allyl Chloride Vinyl Chloride 2.8-55 ppm 131LA
n-Methyl Aniline Aniline 3.5-42 ppm 181
Methyl Bromide Methyl Bromide 10-600 ppm 136H
Methyl Bromide 2.5-200 ppm 136L
Methyl Bromide SEI 1-36 ppm 136LA
Methyl Bromide 0.1-3.0 ppm 136LL
Methyl Chloride Fluorochlorocarbons 12-480 ppm 51
Fluorochlorocarbons 1.6-86 ppm 51L
Methyl Chloroform 1,1,1-Trichloroethane 100-2,000 ppm 135
Acetylene 0.06-1.2% 171
1,1,1-Trichloroethane 6-900 ppm  135L
Methyl Chloroformate Vinyl Chloride 58-1,260 ppm 131LA
Methyl Ether Ethyl Ether 0.03-0.85% 161
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Methyl Ethyl Ketone 0.02-0.6% 152
Acetone 21-1,680 ppm 151L
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 10-384 ppm 152L
Methyl Hydrazine Hydrazine 0.6-12 ppm 185
Methyl Iodide Benzene 0.7-33.6 ppm 121L
Methyl Iodide 0.5-108 ppm 230
Methyl Iodide 100-34,800 ppm 230H
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Methyl Isobutyl Ketone 0.05-0.6% 153
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone 2.5-130 ppm 153L
Methyl Mercaptan Methyl Mercaptan 20-2,700 ppm 71H
Methyl Mercaptan 0.25-140 ppm 71
Mercaptans 05-120 ppm 70
Mercaptans 0.1-8 ppm 70L
Methyl Methacrylate Methyl Methacrylate 10-500 ppm 149
n-Methyl Morpholine Amines 5-100 ppm 180
Amines 0.3-6 ppm 180L
4-Methyl Pyridine Pyridine 0.38-10.5 ppm 182
n-Methyl Pyrolidone Amines 50-270 ppm 180
Methyl tert-butyl Ether (MTBE) Benzene 20-510 ppm 121
Butyl Acetate 5-130 ppm 142L
Ethyl Acetate 5-530 ppm 141L
Ethyl Ether 0.04-1% 161
2-Methyl-3-Butenenitrile Acrylonitrile 0.4-12 ppm 191L
Methyl-n-butyl-Ketone Formaldehyde 0.9-22.5 ppm 91L
Methylamine Amines 5-100 ppm 180
Amines 0.5-10 ppm 180L
Methylcyclohexane n-Hexane 0.04-0.84% 102H
Methylcyclohexanol Methylcyclohexanol 5-100 ppm 119
Methylcyclohexanone Methylcyclohexanone 2-100 ppm 155
Methylene Chloride Methylene Chloride 20-500 ppm 138
Methylene Chloride 10-150 ppm 138L
Fluorochlorocarbons 1-20 ppm 51L
Methylene Iodide Benzene 0.4-20 ppm 121L
Monoethanolamine Amines 7-140 ppm 180
Morpholine Amines 9-180 ppm 180
Amines 0.5-10 ppm 180L


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