Full Face Respirator X-plore 5500 from Draeger Safety


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The X-plore 5500 full face mask is designed on the basis of proven, reliable technology. The double layer face seal with triple sealing action ensures reliable protection and a secure leak-free seal regardless of your face shape.

Experience a new dimension in respiratory protection. Wherever complete respiratory and eye protection is needed, the X-plore 5500 offers you comfort and safety.

Other highlights include the easily adjustable head harness for quick and secure donning and doffing of the mask. The large, durable lens and the “swept-back” low profile design provide an unobstructed, wide field of vision. The X-plore 5500 is available in one universal size to fit different face sizes. Equipped with a safe and easy to use bayonet connection it is compatible with the extensive X-plore filter range.


  • Extremely durable, hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear.
  • Double layer face seal with Triple Sealing Action for a good fit for various face shapes and sizes and a leak free sealing action
  • Wide sealing frame for a comfortable and safe fit and good weight distribution.
  • High quality lens offers good shock resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and optical quality
  • Large, ergonomical formed lens for a wide field of distortion free vision.
  • 5 point head harness for easy handling, safe and quick donning of the mask, easily adjustable for various head sizes, good weight distribution, comfortable, pressure free fit even when wearing a helmet and easy to clean.
  • Connection and adjustment points of harness protected by wide rubber flaps for no hair entanglement and good weight distribution even when wearing a helmet.
  • 2 point bayonet connection offers quick, safe and easy to use filter attachment.
  • Only one position to attach the filter in the bayonet connector it is therefore not possible to attach the filter in the wrong position and the position is visibly marked on mask and filter and easy to find.
  • Both filters are secured with a top down turn until the distinct end position can be felt. It is easy to attach and secure filters, one turning direction for securement makes the filter attachment, No doubt about right/final filter position. No unintended filter detachment due to objects falling from above.
  • Low profile design, ergonomical, compact and swept back. The swept back positioning of the filters ensure an unobstructed field of vision free along with excellent freedom of movement and an even weight distribution.
  • Ergonomically formed inner mask is comfortable and safe, the universal size covers a wide variety of head sizes and ace shapes.
  • Very low inhalation resistance due to a 2 filter system for high breathing comfort even for long time wearing duration.
  • Speech diaphragm constructed from plastic offers good speech quality.


Mask Body EPDM with high aging resistance, extremely hypoallergenic
Lens Polycarbonate with wide field of vision
Filter Connection Two side-positioned bayonet connectors for use with the X-plore filter range
Weight About 540 grams
Approvals NIOSH
Maintenance Spare parts available

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Catalog No.
X-plore Full Face Respirator 5500
X-plore 5500 Full Face Respirator with SS lens frame and Triplex glass lens
Spectacle Kit
Clear, Protective Lens Overlays, pk/25
Blue Nylon Bag
Alcohol Free Wipes


X-plore 5500 Full Face Respirator Datasheet

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