Deluxe Hazmat Detection Kit from Nextteq

This portable Deluxe HazMat Detection kit provides immediate identification of unknown chemicals and can detect contaminants competitors miss.

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This portable Deluxe HazMat Detection kit provides immediate identification of unknown chemicals and can detect contaminants competitors miss. This kit offers accurate detection of up to 48 gases and vapors and liquids. This kit features Gastec gas sampling pumps and detector tubes and are pre-calibrated and always ready to use. It is also intrinsically safe with no batteries or electrical power required. On the spot results save time and money with no waiting for expensive laboratory analysis.

Gastec systems require fewer pump strokes and provide faster results than leading competitors. Direct read tubes expedite accurate sampling without confusion, dual scales or concentration charts. Decision charts provide clear, step by step instructions for easy and precise chemical analysis.

The Deluxe HazMat Kit can identify more chemicals than a leading competitor. While some competitors can detect only 16 chemicals, the Deluxe Kit can precisely identify up to 48 gases, vapors and liquids. This kit is the only kit that can detect liquid chemical warfare agents. M8 Detection Paper provides immediate identification of toxic nerve agent (V and G) and blister agents (H).

With lower detection limits this kit can detect trace levels of contaminants that competitors cannot. Additionally, Gastec’s higher maximum detection limits provide a more accurate measurement of contamination. The temperature range is 32 to 104ºF.

Gastec Detector tubes provide exact quantitative measurements. The pre-calibrated, direct-read detector tubes offer distinct lines of demarcation for easier viewing and require no interpretation dual scales or color charts.Many tubes require only 1 pump stroke, instead of up to 20.

Nextteq’s kits contain the first and only gas sampling pumps with direct read ambient temperature display. Nextteq’s patented Thermal Ring is a paper-thin innovation encircling the base of the Gastec Pump that accurately measures ambient temperature a 9ºF intervals from 32ºF to 104ºF. The Thermal Ring reduces the risk of error and increases safety enabling First Responders to correct for temperature variances on the spot. It is easy to use always ready and intrinsically safe.

A comprehensive decision charts is included with each kit and provides step by step directions to efficiently identify gases and vapors using the fewest detector tubes. The result from a single semi-quantitative, multi gas detector tube leads to a test(s) using individual quantitative detector tubes(s) for precise chemical analysis. Some competitors require the use of up to 15 qualitative tubes to identify the chemical present, increasing the time and cost of analysis.

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Catalog No.
Deluxe Hazmat Kit includes Gastec pump with Thermal Ring, Detector Tube Handbook, Decision Chart I, Carrying Case, 5M Extension Hose, Irritant Smoke Kit, M8 Detection paper for nerve and blister agents, 2 Light Sticks, Tweezers and tubes listed below
Deluxe HazMat Kit without Tubes, includes everything above but the detector tubes STD-101-1

Spare Tube Ordering Information

Catalog No.
Ammonia 3L
Benzene 121S
Caron Monoxide 1LA
Chlorine 8LA
Ethyl Acetate 141L
Hydrogen Cyanide 12L
Hydrogen Sulfide 4LL
Hydrocarbons, low class 103
Hydrocarbons, high class 105
Petroleum Naphtha 106
Polytec I 107
Stoddard Solvent 128
Sulfur Dioxide 5LB


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