Clandestine Lab Investigation Kit from Draeger


This item is no longer available from AFC International, please contact us for suitable replacements.

The Draeger Clandestine Lab Investigation Kit (CLIK) is a quick, simple and accurate method for detecting these toxic agents. Various hazardous gases can be generated by clandestine drug manufacturing laboratories. The physiological effects of these gases can vary from mild irritation, choking, severe nausea or rendering investigating personnel unconscious.

The Draeger Tube system consists of the hand held accuro sample pump that draws air through the glass detector tube. If the chemical agent is present, the Draeger Tube changes color. Higher concentrations of gas produce a longer length of color change. A graduated scale printed on the tube indicates gas concentrations.

The one handed operation of the accuro pump allows the other hand to be free for maneuvering into position or handling a weapon. The Draeger CLIK measure Ammonia, Phosphine and Hydrochloric Acid. Draeger tubes are available for measuring many other gases which be present in clandestine labs.

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