Calibration Gas from NorLAB for all Gas Detectors

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Calibration Gas from NorLAB. Don’t see the gas needed below? Contact us and we can find it for you!

NorLab, the Specialty Gas Division of Norco, Inc., has been producing and distributing calibration mixtures and pure specialty gases in since the late 1970s. They offer a complete line of products, including pure gases to levels of 99.9999% purity, multi-component hydrocarbon mixtures, environmental, industrial hygiene, medical and special application mixes as well as compatible gas control equipment.

Their gas blending capabilities include mixtures produced gravimetrically (primary standard) with analytical accuracies to ±.02% absolute, as well as certified and unanalyzed mixes produced to less stringent tolerances. They can also provide NIST traceability certification.

Gases Available

  • Ammonia, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Benzene
  • Carbon Dioxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Carbon Monoxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Chlorine, balance Nitrogen
  • Ethylene Oxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen Chloride, balance Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen Cyanide, balance Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen Sulfide, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Isobutylene
  • LEL% Methane, balance Air
  • LEL% Pentane, balance Air
  • LEL% Propane, balance Air
  • Nitrogen Dioxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Nitric Oxide, balance Nitrogen
  • Sulfur Dioxide, balance Air or Nitrogen
  • Toluene
  • Zero Air
  • Zero Nitrogen
  • Quad Gas Mixes

NorLab uses Luxfer cylinders. Luxfer’s SGS (Superior Gas Stability) internal surface results from a proprietary manufacturing process that generates a superior surface finish specifically intended for demanding specialty gas service. In three rounds of gas stability testing using highly reactive, low ppm hydrocarbon blends (H2S & COS), EffecTech showed that Luxfer SGS cylinders maintained gas stability far better than standard aluminum cylinders and standard acid washed aluminum cylinders. In both short time and longer duration tests, SGS cylinder maintained a blend tolerance level within ±2% , while other cylinders fell out of tolerance in a short period of time.


  • Dependable – Cylinders are manufactured using high grade alloys and components ensuring greater gas stability over the life of the mix
  • Versatile – Two cylinders sizes cover all current sizes from 34L to 116L
  • 100% Recyclable – Can be returned or recycled locally

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